Yuki Emasin is the Kings daughter and his only blood child. She lives for the excitement she can get and fights for her kingdom. Yuki has been through lots of relationships and trust no one but her family.

Race Shape shifter/fox demon
Gender Female
Age 18
Hair Color Night Black
Eye Color Red
Height 5'5"
Weight 130lbs
Religion Is skeptic about religion

Appearance Edit

Yuki has hair black as the night. Her eyes are a red color. Her body is an athletic fit, average size woman, muscular like a male in a female way and her skin is a little dark tan. She has a tattoo on her stomach of a certain flower. She has duel guns one on each side in plan sight. She also has other weapons hidden on her body.

Abilities Edit

Changing Forms, Dimension jumping, time crossing and bringing hell to the above world.

Skills Edit

Handy with fixing things and a known skill of causing trouble.

Relationships Edit

Describe any relationships your character has with other characters or NPCs. Go into some detail, including why they feel that way.

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