Lavender Talnon is a Princess in the Kingdom of the Silent Phoenix. She married Yuki Emasin Karatsi at the age of 78, hence her title. Lavender is an outgoing, yet worried person who only wishes for the Kingdom to be saved.

Race Succubus/Shapeshifter/Human Hybrid
Gender Female
Age 98
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Height 5'6"
Weight 135
Religion Is unsure of her religious following.

Appearance Edit

Lavender is of average height, and average weight. She still has the face and body of a teenager, and is very lithe and athletic. Lavie has two bat-like wings sprouting from her back, as well as a demonic tail. She has short black hair and purple eyes. Her skin shades to the lighter side, although her cheeks flush red easily. She can easily change her appearance to blend in with a crowd, or to hide herself. Lavie constantly has two puncture marks on the right side of her neck, from Yuki's constant need of blood and to mark her as being "owned" by Yuki.

Lavender has a tattoo of a red rose intertwined with a tulip in the shape of a heart on her right shoulder blade.

Abilities Edit

Lavender is able to shapeshift into any animal, whether alive or extinct. Her shapeshifting is limited to female forms. As a part-succubus, she has darkness control as well as illusions. She can fly with her wings, or can shapeshift to fly. Lavie is empathetic, able to sense people's emotions, however, it is fairly limited compared to her mothers.

Skills Edit

Tactics/Strategy Games - Lavender is an expert at all tactics and strategy games, including things like chess and computer games.

Poetry - Lavender loves to write poetry.

Swordsmanship - Lavender learned fencing while growing up, and has transferred that knowledge into sparring with the guards randomly.

Cooking - Lavender was talked into cooking by Yuki, and Katrina helped her learn how to cook properly. She is very fond of cooking meals for her family.

Relationships Edit

King Shin Karatsri - Lavender and the King get along, as she has been his daughter for 20 years. She loves and respects him, but can sense the sadness and worry that has plagued him for ages. Lavie will do anything that he wishes, but has a strong head and sometimes rebels against his wishes.

Princess Yuki Emasin Karatsri - Lavender and Yuki grew up together, being best friends since Lavie's birth until their eventual marriage. She is desperately in love with Yuki, who is her mate as well as confidant. She will do anything for Yuki, and is inseparable except when her hard-headiness forces her to do something for the betterment of the kingdom. Lavie has trouble keeping secrets from Yuki.

Katrina Talnon - Katrina is Lavender's half-sister, even though they treat each other equally. Lavie is constantly worried that she'll upset Katrina, although Kat will never get mad at her. Katrina talked Yuki into marrying Lavie, and Lavie is forever grateful for it.

Irisadora Talnon - Lavender's half-succubus mother, Lavie takes after her in many ways. Iris spoiled Lavie constantly, giving her anything she wanted. Lavie misses her mother greatly, and would do anything to have a chance to talk to her again. As her favorite flower was a tulip, Lavie and Yuki have a shrine dedicated to their mothers that is full of flowers.

Grace Talnon - Lavender's shapeshifter mother, who Lavie loves greatly. Lavie still cries at night over the loss of Grace, and always makes sure to replace the red roses on their shrine to their mothers.

Calliehan Rose Karatsri - Even though Lavender never met her mother-in-law, she still has intense emotions over her loss. She knows how much her wife cares and misses her own mother, and will make sure to add to the black roses on the shrine.

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