Blacken Moon is a planet that was suppose to be of peace and proper. It is a black moon like planet that can be barely seen to the outside of Earth's Milkyway. The air is breathable for human and other species who wish to come onto the planet.  At first, the world could not comprehend the thought of other beings living in peace on Blacken Moon. They were enemies to all and only allies they had were their cousin race, The Vampires. But even then they started to dift away due to slavery from the vampires. As they conitued in their solitude, they began to turn on themselves. A forsaken tribe called the Ashaynians were made to put order to the people who rebelled against the Kings of Shadows as he declared that the people consider "dangerous" were to be killed. Soon they started targeting little child who looked to be dangerous and did not listen to reason. But soon a spefic person got away and with the help of her mate, she defeated them and turned the world around completely by becoming Queen with her mate as King. Calliehan Rose Dahmeano- Karatsri and Shin Karatsri ereased the Ashaynians and killed the King.

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